TYS goes Generation Pop!

TYS goes Generation Pop!... hear me, feel me, love me!

15 September 2013 until 15 Juin 2014

Generation Pop!… hear me, feel me, love me! with its 1,500 original exhibits, multimedia-documents and interactive stations over a space of 6,000 m2, it is the most significant exhibition project to this day on the phenomenon of pop. The largest machine in the world, the Blower Hall of the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks, offers the most perfect atmosphere. 

“Generation Pop! ...hear me, feel me, love me!“ is exhibition, adventure tour and fanatic dream of our generation’s yearnings and fantasies - a quantum leap in exhibition history!

60 years ago Elvis gave entertainment music a real underbelly. What the king could not have foreseen was that this underbelly would give birth to Pop and with it the most cutting cultural change of the 20th century. He created the universal user-interface of our modern civilization.

“Generation Pop …hear me, feel me, love me!” tells of this process. And from that, what we will be and what we are. It’s about rhythm, it’s about emotion – and it’s about you and me.

On Saturday 16 March 2014 it was TYS day, with some selected guitars from our collection being presented to the public with a conference held by TYS collection manager Luc Henzig. We were happy to be part in the special exhibition about guitars: ePop! emotions E-Gitarre.

A superbe place and a fantastic exhibition to discover!

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