WaZoo, Custom 'Bat' Guitar with Buzz Feiten Tuning system Prototype, 2001


Custom 'Bat' Guitar with Buzz Feiten Tuning system Prototype
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Black and Blue
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

This is a guitar built during the short lived adventure by talented luthier, Dan Wagner, founder/owner of WaZoo guitars.

Dan Wagner about his company: 
Here at WaZoo Custom, I craft hand made custom electric guitars and basses, one at a time for you. There are no CNC machines, or fancy automated processes in our shop, just hard work, careful craftsmanship, and a lot of love and patience. When you order a WaZoo Custom, you will get a guitar or bass made just for YOU. Whether you would like a double cutaway with a figured top and a 25" scale, or a fantasy axe with seven strings and a bassboat black metalflake finish, you get what you want; the ultimate custom, made especially to fit you. There are no standard designs here at WaZoo Custom. When you order a hand made guitar or bass, you and I will discuss the design that you want. The shape of the body, the profile of the neck, the headstock, and all the details of the guitar will be decided by you and I. When your new WaZoo Custom is finished, you will own a guitar or bass that is truly unique. Because I use no templates to make the design aspects of the instrument, I can truly say that there is no such thing as "one just like that one". The WaZoo advantage is the joy of owning a guitar or bass that is completely unique. You will be able to proudly say that there is no other instrument in the world like yours.

About the Guitar:

A special 'Bat' shape guitar in black and translucend blue. Features also a Buzz Feiten Tuning system.

Great player!

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