Stuart Spector, Explorer Guitar Number 2, 1997 - custom built for Paul Crook


Stuart Spector
Explorer Guitar
The Story Behind

Stuart Spector is renowned as a maker of the highest quality electric
bass guitars available, but Stuart himself is not a bassist; he's a guitarist. 

One of the best-kept secrets in the guitar manufacturing industry is that
all of the things that make the  SPECTOR® Bass so special are also 
present in SPECTOR® Electric Guitars.

Stuart Spector has always made electric guitars along side the bass guitars he is famous for. In his Brooklyn, NY workshop he made the G-1™ and the NS-6™ (then an electric guitar and not a six-string bass).  During the Kramer Era the NS-6™ electric guitar would be built on the exact same body platform as the NS-Bass™ .  But Stuart always felt that these guitars, although well made and great sounding, never reached the level of elegance and purity that he sought.  

In the past several years this has changed. Stuart has spent time refining his NS-Body™ inspired electric guitar designs and the resulting product of his labors, the ARC6™ and ARC6-B™ guitars are the ultimate result.  Encouraged by the fantastic balance, tone and feel of the ARC6™ , Stuart took another one of his original electric bass designs, the REX BROWN™ model and started the process of translating it into an electric guitar; the RX-GT™ .

Each experiment has resulted in superior guitar designs which are quickly embraced by professional guitarists from many different musical backgrounds. 

Paul Crook had two Explorer type guitars made by Stuart Spector in 1997. Paul Crook is known through his guitar playing with Anthrax and Meatloaf. 

Chris "Lumpy" Hofschneider - Richie Sambora's long-time guitar tech and one of the guitar designer/builders at Kramer approached Stuart about doing a joint venture using the Blackhawk design he'd developed right after Kramer imploded.

Stuart said, "Sure, why not?" And they did the 30 guitars.

One of their projects to built custom made guitars were these Explorer guitars for Paul Crook.

These two guitars are exceptional in look and sound.

This guitar was played by Paul during his Anthrax stint (Pantera - Anthrax - North American Tour 1997). During one night, Dimebag (Pantera) joined the stage and snatched the guitar away from Paul to perform some solo guitar work:

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