Patrick James Eggle, Saluda Cutaway Maple Leaf, 2001


Patrick James Eggle
Saluda Cutaway Maple Leaf
Brazilian Rosewood
Ebony with inlays
Build 06-07-2001
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

In 1995 Patrick James Eggle left Patrick Eggle Guitars Limited and embarked on several different guitar based enterprises trading under his name PATRICK EGGLE:

- towards the end of 1995 he established a new guitar product called REDWING BY PATRICK EGGLE and instruments under this name were sold by six UK retailers and were advertised and featured in the UK press. Within a year approximately 100 guitars were sold under this name.

- towards the end of 1996 he began producing guitars under his name PATRICK EGGLE in association with Robert van de Ende. These guitars were redesigned and factored primarily in the US and assembled in Holland. Approximately 150 guitars were built during this association.

- in 1997 he began to build a range of jazz guitars under his full name PATRICK JAMES EGGLE and at about the same time he built two semi acoustic guitars which included his name PATRICK JAMES EGGLE on the headstock.

- finally in 2000 he began a collaboration with Michael Stockwell to market a range of jazz guitars under the name PATRICK JAMES EGGLE and a total of fifty guitars were built.

During this period different electric accoustic guitars and accoustic guitars were build. Some examples can be seen in the TYS collection.

About the Guitar:

The Saluda has a 16-inch cutaway body features Spruce top and highly figured Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. The maple leaf motif is executed in abalone and mother-of-pearl inlays and it carries over to the offset soundhole. Two additional leaf-shaped sound ports in the side allow the player to better hear the sound of the guitar.

Very few of those guitars were made. They remain a testimony of the quality work of Patrick James Eggle.

The Saluda is still build by Patrick James Eggle in different variations: 

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