Patrick James Eggle, Foyers Electric Archtop Guitar, 2001


Patrick James Eggle
Foyers Electric Archtop Guitar
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

In 2000 Patrick James Eggle began a collaboration with Michael Stockwell to market a range of jazz guitars under the name PATRICK JAMES EGGLE and a total of fifty guitars were built. There were various models all named after English rivers, the Aire was a blonde finish, the Barle was custom colored, the Crai was a 7 string guitar, the Eden was sunburst and the Foyers was the Danny O'Brien engraved model.

About the Guitar:

The Foyers electric archtop guitars are beauties, featuring engraved metal pieces by Danny O'Brien. The red one was featured in the catalogue presenting the new range of PATRICK JAMES EGGLE guitars.

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