Marshall, Model 2022 Amplifier and Cabinet, 1971 - Gary Moore


Model 2022 Amplifier and Cabinet
Serial Number: 
0864c - 38774
The Story Behind

If you want a sound ideal for studio and loud use at home (getting the typical Marshall distortion, when you crank up the volume), this amp is the right choice. The Marshal 2022 Amp is part of the 20-watt amp series built from 1967 to 1973. It has 2 channels and 4 inputs. They used two ECC83 preamp valves, two EL84 output valves and a solid state rectifier. The amp came as head with a matching 4x10 cab.

This amplifier and cabinet were part of the Gary Moore auction by Bonhams in 2016.

The amplifier is serial number 0864c, it is complete with the stapled stock number and original vinyl cover, original small Marshall logo and gold piping. There are no plastic corners which is correct for the period. The amplifier is factory stock and is in perfect working order.

The cabinet is a basket weave 4x10” with original speakers, small Marshall logo, serial number 38774.

The story behind has been given by Cosmo Verrico.

Cosmo Verrico is a very well known London based guitar player being active in the industry since the very early 1970s. Cosmo and Gary were in competition with each other whenever high quality prestige gigs were on offer. Cosmo was lead guitarist with The Heavy Metal kids who were signed to Atlantic records. He toured with the Rolling Stones/Alice Cooper and other big acts of the 1970’s.

Gary Moore had been the guitarist in Thin Lizzy on two occasions and was offered a permanent role by Phil Lynott an offer which Gary declined. Cosmo auditioned for the same role and was accepted, Gary had a change of heart and asked to join the band. Out of a sense of loyalty Phil let Cosmo go and accepted Gary into the band.

Cosmo and Gary remained friends throughout Gary’s lifetime. Cosmo was the owner of Keith Richards "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out" '59 Gibson Les Paul. Gary wanted to try the guitar out to compare it to his Peter Green burst. Cosmo took the LP to Gary's studio in 1995 where Gary was recording the album "Blues For Greeny”. 

As Cosmo explains, Gary was using this Marshall amp and cabinet with the Peter Green '59 Les Paul Sunburst for recording and he plugged Keith's ex-burst into the Marshall for comparison. What is certain is that Gay played this Marshall amp and cabinet extensively on his album "Blues For Greeny".

According to Cosmo, Gary has owned the Marshall amp and cabinet for thirty years taking us back to 1986. Quite simply it was one of Gary's favorite pieces of equipment. He used it to get a 100% natural tube overdrive at studio usable volume levels without the need for outboard effects which explains his near lifetime of ownership. He never would have sold this amp as it was only genuine way to achieve his tone.

The first album that the amp was used on was the 1987 release Wild Frontier, it is impossible to say which tracks the amp was used on as the only person who could know that is Gary himself. Cosmo concludes that in Gary's own words, he used this amp and cabinet on every studio album from 1987 up to his death. It is safe to say that any track that contains a synthesised distortion such as Gary’s Ibanez TS808 will not be this Marshall amp being used. The 20W amp and cabinet was employed solely as natural tube distortion. The amp was driven absolutely flat out.

The amplifier was released from Probate just prior to the auction. So the amp and cabinet are directly from Gary's ownership. It is in perfect working order and is exactly as Gary left it.

This is not only a piece of Rock ’n’ Roll history but is an amp delivering a great clean sound!

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