Marshall, Bluesbreaker Amp Model 1961, 1964 - Ray Monette (Rare Earth)


Bluesbreaker Amp Model 1961
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The Story Behind

Marshall's original Model 1961 and 1962 were basically JTM 45 combo amplifiers. Model 1961 was essentially the lead version of the Model 1987 JTM 45, fitted with tremolo and installed into an open backed speaker cabinet, while Model 1962 was the bass version of the JTM 45 (Model 1986), also fitted with tremolo and open backed cabinet. These amplifiers both feature the basic JTM 45 modified Fender Bassman circuit, which provided the origin of what became known as the "Marshall sound".The first versions of these combo amplifiers were made in 1964–1965, with Models 1961 and 1962 being fitted with 4×10" and 2×12" Celestion speakers respectively. An extremely rare 2×12" extension cabinet was also offered. A later model had a slightly thinner cabinet with different acoustics. Production JTM45 amplifiers used KT66 output tubes, which are credited with providing "a round, bell like tone with soft distortion character." Also contributing to the overall sound picture of the JTM45 series amplifiers was a GZ34 rectifier tube.

This is a Model 1961 which was owned and used by Ray Monette. His band Rare Earth moved with Motown to Los Angeles in 1972. In 1974 Ray Monette purchased this 1964 Bluesbreaker and used it on the road with Rare Earth from '82 to '85. At that time he was using a 2 guitar system: a Les Paul Gold Top with the Marshall powering a 4x12" cab and his '69 Fender Strat with a 350 watt acoustic amp.

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