King Doublebass, Custom made Lee Rocker Disney Up-Right Bass, 2004 – Lee Rocker


King Doublebass
Custom made Lee Rocker Disney Up-Right Bass
Translucend Red
Hand Carved Cool Cat Headstock Design
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

Since the invention of the electric bass in the 50’s, there have been very few innovations or modern enhancements done to the upright bass. There have also been no doublebass manufacturers who have taken the instrument to the level that other electric instrument manufacturers have taken their companies. Until now… says King Doublebass:

Everyone who works for King plays upright bass actively. Whether we are playing in our own bands, assisting touring bands, playing on recording sessions, a hired gun for a short tour or teaching others to play, we are always thinking of ways to innovate, improve or enhance the upright bass. Our research and development department is constant hands-on in loud clubs, studios, rehearsal halls and, of course our workshop. We at King Doublebass are always striving to improve upon the classic design of the doublebass. Our innovations come from the guy sanding basses to the touring professionals who play them, not from some guys in a cubicle.

Disciples of the doublebass don’t adhere to the philosophy that electric basses were made so you don’t have to “lug that big doghouse around”. Playing the upright bass is their identity, their lifestyle and culture. The tone, feel and sound is something that you just can’t buy in an effects pedal, you can’t fake it. This is what King Doublebass is about. This is what we bleed.

It's an old maxim: If you want it done right, do it yourself. Frustrated by the lack of durable, quality instruments and hardware on the market, King Doublebass founder, president, and accomplished bassist Jason Burns took it upon himself to build his own basses and to get it right.

"When I was touring with an upright bass, I couldn't keep it together and when I got it to stay together I couldn't get it loud enough to be heard over the rest of the band. So I decided to make my own," says Burns of the modest beginnings of what has become one of the hottest companies specializing in building custom upright basses. Touring over the years with bands such as Hank III, C.C. Adcock, and The Road Kings, Burns developed and refined the product line which has catapulted his company to the top of the industry. "I got input from people like Lee Rocker and Jimbo Wallace--those guys have been playing on the road and in studios long enough to have a really good idea of what needs to go into the design and crafting of professional quality instruments. It's not enough for the instrument to look and sound great. It's got to hold up. It has to be able to take the abuse of a 40 show tour and sound the same at the last show as it did at the first." That means that a King instrument is built to last. Burns uses premium quality woods, steel reinforced necks, and proprietary crafting techniques to ensure that his instruments' durability standards match those of their look and sound. The result is an instrument of unparalleled quality which has become the bass of choice for the best musicians in the world. Both Jimbo Wallace and Lee Rocker play King instruments and each even has his own pro model which Burns manufactures according to their exacting specifications. Both product lines have become popular among players for their great tone, solid build, and head-turning appearance.

"We use pearl, metal-flake, and candy finishes even on our stock models," says Burns, "it's more complicated to do it that way but I think it's important that these instruments look as good as they sound." King Doublebass' custom shop is equipped to further accentuate the basses with special finishes and hand-painted pinstripes done by highly regarded artists.

In the meantime Burns has left King Doublebass and has created his own venture, Blast Cult.

About the Guitar:

This Doublebass was custom made for Lee Rocker in 2004. The head is a Disney like interpretation of Lee Rocker. This bass was extensively used by Lee on tour among others with the Stray Cats and is featured in the DVD Stray Cats - Rumble in Brixton, 2004.

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