Ibanez, AS-50, 1980 - Jeff Kollman


Serial Number: 
neck pickup Sheptone PAF; bridge pickup DiMarzio
This guitar was made at the Terada Plant, Japan in 1980. Production Number: 5007
The Story Behind


About the Guitar:

This Ibanez AS-50 was owned by Jeff Kollman. This is a first year Ibanez AS-50 semi hollow body 335 style.

It has a thinner top than the models from 1982 onward. Thus resulting in a a clearer more sustaining tone. The neck pickup is a Sheptone PAF and has been changed during the use of the guitar by Jeff. The bridge pickup is a Dimarzio. Both pickups have a coil tap on the tone controls to give you single coil tones as well. The finish was removed on the back of the neck for easier playability.

The guitar is quite versatile from jazz fusion to hard rock. It's a slim tapered neck. Very fast neck to play on. This guitar is featured on the debut Cosmosquad CD. 'The Scene' and 'Galactic Voyage'. are two songs featuring this Ibanez. Some of Jeff's fattest humbucking sounds came from this guitar. Recent setup done by the famed tech Andy Brauer. All of Jeff's guitars feature a high pass filter.

This was preferred by Kollman as a nice thinning tool for clean and funk passages.

In this clip you can see Jeff play this guitar:


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