The first exclusive Magneto Guitars have arrived has teamed up with Christian Hatstatt to retail his Magneto guitars. We just received some exclusive models which are not only eye-catchers but have an incredible tone and playability.

Magneto is the brainchild of Christian Hatstatt, a designer who has worked alongside various European guitar manufacturers, including Gary Levinson at Blade for over 2 decades. Christian wants to produce high-end instruments that hard back to the designs that have fuelled the music of the past five decades, but with carefully conceived upgrades that make them more in tune with the demand of today’s players. 

So where other companies rely on CNC routers etc... Magneto is proud to eschew such technology in favour of combining its creator’s experience with the skills of a small team of luthiers based in Japan. The instruments are all hand-built, exclusively using the highest grade woods, hardware and pickups..

Christian’s production manager is Kei Yatsuzuka, who builds high end acoustic guitars in his Matsumoto workshop, and the two have been collaborating since 1990.

Christian’s crusade is to maximise the available tone by concentrating on how the wood’s densities, vibrations and fit affect the sonic outcome.

Magneto Guitars are built with literally no compromises - woods, electrics and hardware are all the best available.

The instruments receive great reviews in specialised guitar magazines all over Europe and are being used live and in the studio by top notch players, like Eric Gales and Andy Gill.

In stock are some very distinctive examples of what a Magneto Guitar can be:

The Velvet RS Orange (first guitar done in this colour, which is gorgeous)

The Velvet Pacific Blue (first guitar done in this colour, which is gorgeous)

The T-Wave Olive Whisper (first guitar done in this colour, which is gorgeous)

The Sonnet Rhyme Red Burning (first guitar done in this colour, which recalls a finish PRS did a long time ago (see our collection); there will be only 1-2 guitars a year of this colour)

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