Film projects supported by TYS supports local film projects by supplying instruments out of its collection.

Recent loans were done for two Andy Bausch directed films Freddy (2015) and Sixty8 (in production).

Freddie is a short film that combines biographical and experimental elements to portray the double life of the exceptional talent. The film is directed by Andy Bausch and produced by Nilton Martins, who plays also the leading role, and Frame-Art Media.

Synopsis: At the zenith of his career, Freddie Mercury spends the last few minutes right before an important Queen concert in the backstage area of the venue. Little does he know that very soon a mysterious visitor is going to confront Freddie with his inner fears and fate…

Sixty8 is a documentary film about the ’60s in Luxembourg. This film directed by Andy Bausch and produced by Paul Thiltges Distributions is currently in production.

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