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Price List and Options: Greg Germino

Price List Europe (includes VAT 17% (from 1.1.2015)):

(these are manufacturers' recommended prices and they may change, please check the price by contacting us at

Greg Germino Amplifiers:

Greg's amplifiers are now certified CE. So you can buy in confidence an amplifier complying with EU regulations. Are certified for the moment the following amplifiers:

- Lead 55 w/rectifier switch Euro 2.500

- Classic 45 Euro 2.500

- Club 40 w/ rectifier switch Euro 2.500


Lead 55 w/rectifier switch 2 x 12 combo with Heritage G12M (20wt) Euro 3.200

- Classic 45 2 x 12 combo with Heritage G12M (20wt) Euro 3.200

Club 40 w/ rectifier switch 2 x 12 combo with Heritage G12M (20wt) Euro 3.200

Heritage G12H (30wt) or Scumback H75 upgrade (or other requests) per speaker Euro 80.

NEW from 2015 on!

New 30 Watt Club 40 and Lead 55LV: As opposed to introducing a revised Masonette, Greg has elected to offer the 30 watt output transformer as an option in both Lead 55LV and Club 40 models. This gives choices for 30 watt versions of both models with the same voicing that is known of the Lead 55LV lead circuit and Club 40 Bass circuit models. There is no additional charge for the 30 watt OT. This OT along with the post phase inverter MV (if you really think its needed!) will easily produce great tones at respectable volume levels.

NEW from 2014 on!
Greg is offering the tube/ss rectifier switch again as an option for Club 40 and Lead 55LV models only. Euro 100 up-charge.

Also from 2014 on Greg has decided to offer as an option a post phase inverter master volume which is also a Euro 100 up-charge. This MV is an adaptation of Ken Fischer's favourite MV for a Marshall amp and it has been tweaked for optimum sound and reliability. At full settings it is like not have a MV at all, no sound difference.
While Greg had had his stand for many years not offering a MV he feels that it is now time to offer this as an option for all models.


Greg Germino Cabinets:

- 4 x 12 Cabinet Slant Euro 1.400

- 4 x 12 Cabinet Straight front with Heritage G12M (20wt) Euro 1.400


Heritage G12H (30wt) or Scumback H75 upgrade per speaker Euro 80


Optional Pinstripe Grill cloth Euro 360


- 2 x 12 Cabinet/Black with Heritage G12M Euro 900

- 1 x 12 Cabinet/Black with Heritage G12M Euro 700 (1 X 12 speaker cab the same width as the Masonette 25/Club 40/Classic 45/Lead 55LV)

Heritage G12H (30wt) or Scumback H75 upgrade per speaker (or other requests) Euro 80


Optional Pinstripe Grill cloth Euro 360

Sales Conditions:

The Buyer shall pay the Seller the Purchase Price of the Goods. To confirm the custom order the Buyer agrees to pay 30% of the Purchase Price as advance payment. This amount will not be refunded if the order should be cancelled on the Buyer's request. A full refunding will be done by the Seller in the event Goods could not be delivered by manufacturer. The final 70% of the Purchase Price shall be due and fully paid before delivery of Goods will take place. 

Applicable Law-Resale or Export

The Buyer agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of his country, destination of the delivery of the Goods. The Buyer agrees and represents that he is buying for his own personal use only, and not for resale or export.

Product Liability

  1. All new products are sold with the manufacturer's limited warranty. The warranty period and service varies by manufacturer and product. The full text of any such warranty is available, free of charge, upon written request addressed to the Seller. All Goods delivered will contain a guarantee card from the manufacturer detailing the limited warranty provided.

  2. The Seller shall not be responsible for the defects arising out of the failure to follow operation instructions, for the defects caused by improper storage after the Goods were delivered or for the defects caused by circumstances that were beyond the reasonable control.

  3. The Buyer shall, immediately upon delivery of the Goods by the carrier, duly examine the Goods and if the defects of Goods were apparent upon the collection of Goods, the Buyer shall promptly give notice on this to the Seller.

  4. Should the Buyer discover any defects during the Warranty Period, the Buyer shall give written notice of the defect to the Seller and not later than within 15 days after such defect had been detected. In a written notice specifying the defects he shall have the following options:
− replace of defective Goods by delivery of non-defective Goods;
 demand to− repair the defective Goods if the defects are repairable;
 demand− appropriate Purchase Price reduction; or
 to withdraw from the− Contract.

  5. The Seller, upon receipt a notice from the Buyer stating the defect, promptly shall give a written statement and reply whether he accepts the claim for defects or not.